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Hva gjør virkestoffene i Nutrilashes?

With visible results in just 6 weeks, the Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow growth serum uses a blend of natural ingredients to boost lash growth, for noticeably thicker and stronger lashes.

We pride ourselves on having a Eyelash serum that delivers maximum results with no side-effects, and many of our ingredients were chosen entirely to replace potentially harmfull ingridients with natural and even more effective ingridients. 

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Kan jeg bruke Nutrilashes sammen med mine vippe extensions?

Absolutely! Many of our customers are using Nutrilashes with their extensions. The Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow growth serum has shown no negative effect on the components often used in lash extensions,

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Hvordan bruker jeg Nutrilashes?

The Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow growth serum is easy to use. Follow our instructions, and we´ll guarantee your satisfaction. The serum is purported to grow longer and stronger lashes with the help of all natural ingridients. Amazing results for your brows as well. Apply the Nutrilashes serum daily, until you have achieved the desired results. It is best to apply the Nutrilashes serum it in the evening before going to bed.

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Kan jeg bruke bruke Nutrilashes mens jeg er gravid, eller om jeg er sensitiv mot kosmetikk?

We often get asked “Can I use Nutrilashes while I’m pregnant, or, I am sensitive to cosmetics, can I use Nutrilashes?”. We understand that your health and the health of your baby is your number one priority. 

The short answer is yes, you can use Nutrilashes. But some persons should act with caution. Let us give you some advise here

Er Nutrilashes klinisk dokumentert?

The serum is clinically tested, with some amazing results. We can guarantee your results.

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Hvor kan jeg lese flere råd om vipper og bryn?

Our Nutrilashes team knows everything about lashes & brows. If you want in dept articles, please visit our blog here


Nutrilashes 5 ml. serum

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