Is Prostaglandins safe?

Prostaglandins is one of the most common active ingredients in Eyelash serums, but is it actually safe?


Prostaglandins is one of the most common active ingredients in Eyelash serums, but is it actually safe?

So you weren’t born with gorgeously long, fluttery lashes. Welcome to the club! Lucky for you (and us), there are a lot of ways to take your fringe to great lengths, from easy-to-use falsies to eyelash extensions to go-to curlers and do-it-all drugstore mascaras. But if you want something that’ll actually help boost the length, volume, and health of your lashes, you may want to consider adding an eyelash serum to your routine.

Today, when you think of Eyelash serums, you’re probably familiar with the use of Prostaglandins and you might be wondering if it´s safe or not? We take a look at all the facts and discover some of the things you should be careful of.

The history of Prostaglandins

If you’ve been searching for lash serums, you’ve likely come across one of the most popular lash serum ingredients, prostaglandins. These hypotensive lipids, derived from fatty acids, are common in the treatment of glaucoma relieve pressure in the eye. They were also found to disrupt the eyelash growth cycle, resulting in longer lashes. Sounds great, right? But it’s not so simple. The fact is that Prostaglandins have shown several negative effects when used. Many are not familiar with the ingredient, and buy Prostaglandins rich serums feeling safe doing so. They really should not.

There are many proven side effects when using Prostaglandin rich eyelash serums.

Eye Irritation

This is one of the most common side effects. In fact, one in 25 people who try prostaglandin-infused lash serums experience this. You want the focus to be on your beautiful lashes. But when your eyes are red, itchy, dry or watery, we’re betting that won’t be the case. Plus, the more you rub your lashes, the more they fall out, likely counteracting the serum’s effects.


Love your eye color? That might change when you use a lash product with prostaglandin. The stimulation of melanin in and around the eye area may alter the color of your iris–that’s the colored part of your eye. Beyond a new eye color, the discoloration may affect the eyelid and surrounding skin as well, creating a dark or red pigment.

Unwanted Hair Growth 

We’re not saying this stuff doesn’t work to grow hair. But it may not grow hair exactly where you want it. While longer, fuller lashes may be the goal, those unwanted hair on your lids may not be worth the effort.

If you ask us, Prostaglandin rich serums are an unnecessary risk in your pursuit for long & thick eyelashes and well trimmed brows.

Prostaglandin-free alternatives

The wide usage of serums containing growth hormones which are largely untested for use on the eye area for prolonged periods is alarming, and many of these alternatives have no proven records.

Possible side effects of using prostaglandins on the eye area include eyelid pigmentation, chronic eye irritation, darkening of the iris (turning light eyes dark, or blue eyes brown permanently), lowering eye pressure if the serum gets in your eye, red puffy eyes, weepy eyes, and if you get the serum on your face, or it runs you may often end up with hair growing where it really should not. These are the possible short term side effects. However, there are no studies showing possible complications of using these products long term. So you should act with caution.

Luckily, there are prostaglandin-free eyelash serum alternatives that are much safer.

A vegan and cruelty free Eyelash formula containing all natural ingredients and actually being more effective that other serums on the market, without the associated side effects from prostglandins.

Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow growth serum

We knew there was a better way for women to achieve their dream lashes & brows, so we got to work. Our aim all along was to create the perfect formula based on natural ingridients. It took us some years, but we got there.

We’re talking about Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow growth serum. This product not only matched the results of those potentially harmful prostaglandin rich formulas, but also outperformed them. The serum is clinically tested with proven results.

Nutrilashes is packed with natural actives, like Ricinus Communis Seed oil, Swertia Chirata and Panax Ginseng root to stimulate growth while strengthening follicles for less fallout. It’s natural, yet highly effective! We take great pride in saying that the serum is vegan and cruelty free.

Read more about our magic and vegan formula here.


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