The Eyelash serum that the experts rate highest

There are few lash enhancers that scores with those in the know. We pride ourselves with being one the few eyelash serums that do.

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There are few lash enhancers that scores with those in the know. We pride ourselves with being one the few eyelash serums that do.

Eyelash treatment expert and facialist Katrin has seen Nutrilashes produce the goods in terms of lash growth:

«For me personally, I am very strict on what I tell my customers to apply in the eye area. The only eyelash serum I recommend is Nutrilashes. I’ve witnessed the difference on clients eyelashes and it can deliver incredible results, says Katrin.

«I’ve seen eyelashes almost double in terms of growth rate, and it has great impact on lash length too. Of all the products on the market, it’s my favorite, for sure. It’s all natural, vegan and cruelty free. That makes it easy for me to recommend to customers.

Easy to use

«Commitment wise you need to use it every day to see real results, but it’s very easy to apply. Apply one thin stroke on clean and dry skin every day. Apply the serum like an eyeliner, but just above your lash line. The same goes for your brows.

Katrin: I can definately recommend Nutrilashes

«I have been using this eyelash serum for a long time, and I love it because it makes the lash line fuller looking, thanks to its mix of all natural ingredients, which are all actives that help condition the lashes as a good hair conditioner or masque does. A darker, fuller lash line is a great rejuvenator for the whole face, Katrin says.

Eyelash insurance policies

Always take your makeup off before going to bed. This goes for mascara especially, but really, just all of it.

As above, go gently when carrying out said removal, and buy an effective eye makeup remover rather than say, a makeup wipe.

Have eyelash extensions removed professionally if you wear them, or if they’re designed to shed naturally, allow them to do just that. No tugging, pulling or rubbing.

Skip the mascara if you’re slobbing at home or going to the gym. You probably don’t bother anyway, but depending on your brand or formulation of choice, mascara can be drying and make lashes brittle, so giving your eyes a break every now and again could result in softer, thicker lashes.

Ditto, if you’re a lash extension wearer, schedule in breaks away from the lash glue and tugging temptation.

And last, but most important, try to make your lashes and brows grow naturally. The Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow growth serum is a perfect choice for that. The natural ingredients has shown amazing effect in just 6-8 weeks, and you can buy the serum here.

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